Branding is a technique to establish consistency with a reoccurring event, program, or activity. It reinforces the general public's awareness of the event. A brand becomes a community or organizational identifier. In a “noisy” marketing world, branding is very important and can provide distinction. Remember the brand is only as good as the event, program or activity. A poorly organized event can create a negative connotation to a brand. Great events equal great brands.

A brand signifies:

  • Strategic Awareness -The community develops an awareness of event
  • Quality- The community develops a “feeling” towards the event
  • Distinction- Once your event develops a brand, the new goal is to reinforce it throughout the community and encourage others to repeatedly select it.

Development of branding includes:

  • Consistent use of visual elements such as logos or colors
  • Development of a tagline
  • Focused commitment to use the brand over the long term
  • Link to a business strategy