HOW TO CREATE BEAUTIFUL ... gardens, parks, playgrounds, arbors, green spaces, buildings, lawns, walking trails.  Discover creative ways to turn eyesores into focal points, dress up downtown and preserve your community’s historic landmarks.

“A beautiful community is good business” is not just a slogan.  Research shows that towns paying attention to aesthetics are actually safer, inspire pride and create loyalty.  A beautiful town is one of the top five things that people look for when deciding where to live or work – so beautification efforts will have direct economic benefits for your town!

Dynamic and creative solutions begin at the local level.  In this section, you will find specific resources and proven projects that can be implemented in any community, large or small.  These projects will showcase the best elements of your community.  Additionally, the projects can reinvigorate and reclaim hidden treasures, instill a renewed sense of pride and create synergy throughout your community. This section contains information, links and proven project ideas for transforming your neighborhood or entire town's aesthetic appeal.