Kermit is not quite on the mark today when he says “it ain’t easy being green.”  It’s getting easier all the time, thanks to sustainable policies, market forces and the good old profit motive.  Being green is actually becoming more main stream as environmentalists have begun to offer ever-more creative solutions through 21st century technologies.

We won’t change the world, conserve our precious resources or stem the tide of global warming by buying a bumper sticker, becoming vegetarians or signing a petition – but we can go a long way by committing ourselves to technologies that are making their way to the marketplace. 

Four key thoughts could begin to guide our personal and business practices:

  • Renewable energy is plentiful energy

  • Efficiency creates value

  • Cities beat the suburbs

  • Quality is wealth

This section contains information about issues and proven project ideas that will improve the environmental health of your home, workplace and community.  This section will also provide you with an understanding of terms, concepts and new practices designed to create a more sustainable planet. 

At the same time, the suggested projects will outline steps to be taken to make a difference right where you live. You will be thinking globally and acting locally.