Celebration Announcement to Honor Statewide Environmental Excellence

September 18, 2018 - Oklahoma City, OK - Oklahoma citizens with a passion for their

communities will join together at Keep Oklahoma Beautiful’s 28th Annual Environmental

Excellence Celebration on Friday, November 30th at the Hilton Garden Inn & Edmond

Conference Center.

Keep Oklahoma Beautiful (KOB), a statewide nonprofit recognizes Oklahomans doing

their part to help preserve the beauty and sustainability of this state. This year, over 37

individuals, communities, businesses, municipalities, state agencies and more from

across the state will be recognized for their work in the past year.

The Keep Oklahoma Board selects six individuals or groups as recipients of the

prestigious board commendation awards. This year’s recipients are as follows:

Sara Hill with Cherokee Nation for the Towering Spirit Award. Chickasaw Reuse Center

for Visionary Leadership. Francis Solar Systems – Tulsa for the Vanguard Award. Karen

Chapman, with Blue Thumb for the Champion Volunteer Award. Tom Creider, Program

Manager of Oklahoma State Parks for the Lifetime Achievement Award. Last but not

least, our new Environmental Advocate Award for American Waste, Waste Connections

and Waste Management.

Each year, KOB hosts the Environmental Excellence Competition, where the public

nominates groups and individuals for their efforts to benefit Oklahoma. The

nominations are presented to a panel of guest judges from the community, who

determine finalists in various different categories.

"Here at Keep Oklahoma Beautiful we are about communities, not profit,” said Jeanette

Nance, Executive Director of Keep Oklahoma Beautiful. “When disconnected people

come together as a community with a cause, we change the face of Oklahoma. I

absolutely love this event where we can honor so many deserving individuals and

groups for the good they do all across our state."

Finalists for the Environmental Excellence Competition showed exceptional work in the

following areas: education, conservation, beautification, sustainability practices,

nonprofit efforts, youth leadership, litter prevention, and more.

The finalists in those categories include:

-Kay Watson – Ardmore Beautification Council

-Chuck Ralls – City of Comanche

-Ony Russell – Owasso Strong Neighborhood Initiative

-Nathan Pickard – Up With Trees

-Wild About Piedmont

-City of Comanche

-Phoenix Circle Foundation

-OKC Beautiful

-Michelin of North America

-Heart of Route 66 Auto Museum

-Oklahoma State University

-City of Sapulpa

-City of Norman – Environmental Control Advisory Board

-City of Owasso – Owasso Strong Neighborhood Initiative

-City of Oklahoma City – Shine Program

-Will Rogers Elementary

-Boy Scout Troop #169

- Deputy Don Hudgins – Logan County Sheriff’s Office

-Bryan Jump –Coal County Sheriff’s Office

-Logan County District Commissioners

-Phoenix Circle Foundation

-Pride in McAlester

-Ardmore Beautification Council

-Wildhorse Gardens and Market

- South Central Industries

-Earth Rebirth

- Ardmore Clean Team

- OK County OSU Extension Office

-OK Tree Bank Foundation

-City of Lawton

-Twin Cities Revitalization

-City of Grove

-City of Pauls Valley

-Pride in McAlester

-City of Comanche

-The Plaza District

-Martin Park Teen Board

-Friends of Dow Lake

-Durant Area Chamber of Commerce

Winners in the various award categories will be announced the night of banquet.

Shanon Philips, the President of KOB said, “the finalists and winners recognized at this

event are an inspiration to all of us, proving that everyone can do their part to make the

world a better place.”

Tickets for the event can be purchased online at www.keepoklahomabeautiful.com. The

event will begin with a reception and fundraiser at 5:00 p.m. Dinner and awards will


Join KOB in recognizing these outstanding Oklahomans!

Keep Oklahoma Beautiful is a statewide nonprofit with a mission to empower Oklahoma

citizens to preserve and enhance the state’s natural beauty and ensure a healthy,

sustainable environment.

Pictured above are members of Durant Intermediate School Green Team for the

Environmental Best of the Best Award.



Every litter bit hurts, and Keep Oklahoma Beautiful’s Litter Education is a program helping to spread that message. By providing opportunities through creative projects, its three programs (UnCapped, UpCycled, and End Litter) are developed to teach students about the harmful effects of littering and the importance of reducing, reusing, and recycling. 

Uncapped reaches fourth and fifth graders, who are instructed to collect old bottle caps and create a mural out of them. The students also work on a class-collaborative essay discussing the effects of litter. The winning class will be awarded a pizza party, which the Keep Oklahoma Beautiful and Oklahoma Department of Transportation (ODOT) Executive Directors will attend along with a special Oklahoma City Thunder guest. Registration opens on August 20thand closes September 20th, and projects are due October 5.

UpCycled is a program designed for seventh and eighth graders. In this program, students work on UpCycle projects, turning trash into treasure. These students report their findings in a class-collaborative essay as well. The winning class will be awarded a pizza party, which the Keep Oklahoma Beautiful and Oklahoma Department of Transportation (ODOT) Executive Directors will attend along with a special Oklahoma City Thunder guest. Registration opens on August 20thand closes September 20th, and projects are due October 5.

With End Litter, high school and college students write, create, and produce videos highlighting the dangerous effects of littering on the environment. High school and college students are judged separately. Videos must be original work, between 25 and 45 seconds in length. Winning videos will be posted on KOB’s website, YouTube, and social media. The first place winners for college and high school will receive a cash prize of $750. Registration opens on August 20thand  closes November 15 and videos must be submitted by December 31.

Litter Education is cost-free for school systems, low-hassle for teachers, beneficial for students, and important for Oklahoma. Its three projects encourage students to research human activity and the environment and tap into their creative side to share their findings. The best way to safeguard the future of Oklahoma is to invest in the futures of young Oklahomans and Keep Oklahoma Beautiful is proud to uphold this mission. 





Saturday's with Shavara

Saturday's with Shavara

Welcome back ladies and gentlemen! Last week the staff of KOB and a few of our board members coordinated a cleanup at Arcadia Lake. Our desire to have a cleanup was sparked by a news article discussing the terrible conditions of the shoreline, and the difficulties the Lake Arcadia personnel have with tackling the amount of litter that can be seen floating in the water after a heavy rainfall. 

Saturday's with Shavara

Saturday's with Shavara

Welcome back to another beautiful Saturday with yours truly! By now all of you are well aware of the totally disjointed, and all over the place-ness that is my blog. I am constantly hit with new ideas for topics, and I hate to admit that I have little regard for maintaining any form of topic structure. For those of you that have been loyal readers thank you for bearing with me, and my rambling ways for as long as you have. 

Saturday's with Shavara

Saturday's with Shavara

Welcome back to another very green Saturday with Shavara! I am happy to have kept your attention for what is now the 5thSaturday with me. If you’ve been following along thus far you know that my goal is to not only inform, but to entertain you with methods of reducing our environmental impact. The topics that call to me have no order or method behind why they are chosen; rather, I’m often inspired by what I have learned from my own sustainable journey. 

Fresh Paint Days Applications Are Now Open!

Fresh Paint Days Applications Are Now Open!

OKLAHOMA CITY (June 1, 2018) – Fresh Paint Days (FPD) is an annual, free, revitalization program available to anyone living in any of Oklahoma’s communities. FPD is a program through Keep Oklahoma Beautiful (KOB) that provides community groups with free paint and a stipend to improve buildings in their area. Applications open June 1 and close July 31. Paint is delivered in late August throughout the state and projects are completed through the month of September.

Saturday's with Shavara

Saturday's with Shavara

Welcome back to another Saturday with Shavara green friends of Oklahoma. My goal, as always, is to blow your mind with information on ways we are impacting our environment and how that impact can be reduced. Last time we learned about ways to prevent plastic bags from entering into landfills where the life expectancy of the bag stretched to close to 1000 years. It only felt right that our next topic would be diving deep into the dirty, dark and pretty scary world of Landfills.